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20 Years with Her Contact Adhesive Breast Form

The proof is in the product itself: An up-close interview Q&A with our original Contact survivor model, Beate

Our very first Amoena Contact model, Beate, has worn Amoena’s Contact adhesive breast prosthesis for nearly 20 years. Here she shares a little about her role as an Amoena ambassador — and her life and good health with us.

1. We heard you just had your 20 years cancer-free anniversary! Congratulations! What do you think keeps you in such good health?

I take much pleasure in life, my job and my family. I enjoy being healthy, aside from the small complaints that anyone over 50 might experience of course.

2. Did you ever imagine you would be saying, “I’ve worn a Contact breast form for nearly 20 years?” How does that feel?

Twenty years ago I couldn't imagine this! But now, I hope I can wear the Amoena Contact another one or two decades. And how does it feel? Great! My Contact breast form feels like something that belongs totally to me.
3. When was a time you felt confident because you wore your Contact breast form? 

What has been and still is wonderful is the fact that with the Contact I can do everything I want to do without any limits. Putting on and wearing Contact is so easy. Actually, sometimes I forget I'm wearing a breast form. That is the biggest gift Amoena can give to women like me.

4. Do you remember your first breast form fitting? Did you try Contact right away? 

My first fitting took place at a retail shop in Dresden. There I was fitted with my first Amoena breast form, but it was not the Contact. I got to know the Contact later, directly at Amoena, when I was modeling for the company.

5. Do you remember your first Contact fitting? What were your emotions and thoughts when you first tried it?

In the beginning, I was a little bit concerned about whether the Contact really would stay securely in place. Would it move around or come away from the skin? But at the same time, I had already met a lot of women who swore by the self-adhesive breast form. And they were right.

6. What has been your favourite (Amoena) bra over the last 20 years? Or, do you wear other brands of bras successfully? (It’s okay if you do!) 

I like most of the Amoena bras and I always look forward to buying new ones. I have only worn Amoena bras for the past 20 years. I'm very loyal.

7. Do you wear any of the other Amoena clothing? Active wear or Leisure wear? Swimwear? Do you have a favorite item or style?

As I like swimming, I wear Amoena swimsuits. The styles are very fashionable. Even my daughter agrees that I have very beautiful swimsuits, and now and then she will borrow one when we go for a swim together. That speaks volumes about the Amoena designs!

8. What is something people might not know about adhesive breast form, that you would like them to know?

I would advise all women not to lose their patience if the first wearing is not one hundred percent satisfying. It is worth trying it a second time or even a third.

9. What are your best tips for traveling with a breast form? 

Never forget the cleaning set

10. What would you like to tell a woman who might be uncertain about trying Contact?

“The proof is in the pudding.” This is one of my grandma’s favourite sayings and one which has served me well. Just try it; it will surprise you how great it really is!

 Adhesive Breast Form Amoena Contact cleaning set

What is it really like to wear a self adhesive breast form? 

Learn more in our Frequently Asked Questions about Contact; or, let Beate show you her typical day in this video - How to Wear Amoena Contact Breast Form .