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Self-adhesive Breast Form - Frequently Asked Questions

Find here answers to frequently asked questions about Contact breast forms!

Can Amoena Contact also be worn as a traditional breast form? 

Yes, a backing cover is provided with Contact so that it can be worn loose in the cup of a bra if you do not want to wear it as a self-adhesive breast form

How can I get maximum adhesion from my Contact breast form? 

Careful regular cleaning directly after wear is the best guarantee that your Contact will adhere securely. 

Additionally, adhesion seems stronger for some women when Contact is worn on a regular basis, rather than just once in a while. 


Will adhesive breast form stay in place without a bra? 

Contact breast forms adhere well to the skin and some women are able to wear it without the support of a bra. However, for complete security in every situation, we would recommend that you wear Contact in a bra. 


How long does the adhesive surface last? 


The adhesive strength lasts from 12-14 months on average, depending on wear, care and skin type. This is an extraordinarily long life since the breast form can be worn directly on the body for up to 16 hours a day! 

After prolonged and intensive wear, sweat and skin particles collect on the adhesive surface, which can gradually diminish the adhesive strength. 


Can Contact be used when swimming? 

Yes: however, adhesion may be limited. In some cases uneven scarring can allow water to penetrate between the breast form and the skin, affecting adhesion. 
Amoena Contact will not be damaged by salt or chlorinated water but should be washed with Amoena soft cleanser soon after being worn in the water. 

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How important is it to clean the adhesive surface regularly? 


When the breast form is removed, particles of skin get onto the adhesive surface. The adhesive surface should, therefore, be cleaned every time the form is worn or whenever adhesion is diminished. 

Thorough, daily cleaning reactivates the adhesive strength and is, therefore, the best way to ensure the breast form stays firmly in place. 

Why is it important to clean the Amoena Contact breast form with Amoena form care products?

Amoena Soft Cleanser has been produced specifically for the use with Amoena Contact Breast Forms. Other form care products can impair the adhesion of the Contact breast form.

stick on breast prosthesis care - Amoena Skin and Form care products are designed especially for use with the adhesive surface of the Contact breast form

How do I clean a self-adhesive breast form?

Cleaning Contact is quick and easy. Simply use the Soft Cleanser and Brush supplied with Contact and allow to air-dry or use a hairdryer on a low-temperature setting.

Has Contact breast form been tested?

Amoena has a policy of ensuring that all new products have been thoroughly tested by women who have had breast surgery.