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Bra Size Calculator: Measure Yourself to Find Your Bra Size

Use a measuring tape and this online calculator – it’s easy and gives a recommendation for your best bra size.

How to find the right size for your bra

When buying a new mastectomy bra, you want it to fit well. We encourage you to learn more about bra fitting and measurement, and to rely on the fitting services of our Amoena retailers; if that’s not possible, use this Amoena bra size calculator to determine your correct bra and swimwear sizes online. You may also want to use these guides to check that your breast form size or shaper size.

4 Quick Tips

  • Let a friend or your partner help you with the measurement.
  • Wear a well-fitting T-shirt bra without padding while measuring.
  • Stand up straight, breathe calmly and evenly and let your arms hang relaxed at your sides.
  • Use a measuring tape.
  • Measure both the underbust width and the chest or half-chest circumference.