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How to Wear Amoena Contact Breast Form

Discover a whole new sense of freedom!

Self-adhesive Breast Form Benefits:

  • More freedom in movement
  • More freedom in fashion choices
  • Self-confidence boost
  • May reduce neck and shoulder tension, and in some cases has shown to relieve lymphedema 
  • Experience unique temperature equalizing Comfort+ technology for a whole new level of comfort after mastectomy

As Close As It Gets -  Amoena Contact Breast Form Reviews 

The Original patented in 1996, Amoena Contact has earned a lot of fans: 

“It feels like me. When I put on my Contact I feel just like anyone else, just like I did before surgery. A regular breast form looks fine from the outside, but it can feel like a constant reminder that you’ve had surgery. I think the difference with Contact is that it behaves just like a part of your own body, following your every movement. I can honestly say that most of the time I don’t even notice I’m wearing it.”

--Beate, Model from the above video 

“The Amoena Contact is my perfect alternative to breast reconstruction. As a physiotherapist I have close contact with people, but I always feel absolutely secure – also during sports. Contact easily fits in to my everyday life, because it doesn’t require much time to care for and more importantly it feels like any other part of my body. Which is why I highly recommend Contact to my patients, especially those with lymphedema, or shoulder and neck tension.” 

--Eva, Physiotherapist and Contact wearer 

“I really do love the forms — for a couple of reasons. First, my arm and side of my chest haven’t swollen up once since wearing them. Before I was constantly rubbing my arm and trying to move the lymph build up under my armpit. I haven’t had to do that at all since wearing these! I’ve also been able to sleep on my right side without discomfort and that hasn’t happened for a LONG time. Second, my shoulders haven’t felt as strained from the weight since these are attached. THANK YOU so much for bringing me into a new world of comfort!” 

--Ginger, Contact wearer 

"Contact solved one of the problems that frustrated me about wearing a form in a pocketed bra. If I was wearing a V- or scoop-neck blouse or shirt, no matter how well-fitting my bra and form were, it inevitably would fall away from my chest wall if I were to lean forward, and it made me somewhat self-conscious. This issue became even more pronounced after I had two recurrences and further surgeries that changed my chest wall… which was now more concave in nature. Since the form adheres to my chest wall it settles in to the contour of my body giving a perfectly symmetrical silhouette. I love this form and can’t imagine wearing anything else.” 

--Rebecca, Contact wearer