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Your Options After Breast Surgery

If breast surgery left you still feeling uneven, try this

Still feeling unbalanced, even after your breast surgery?

We think we can help.


Breast surgeries have unpredictable results, whether it's lumpectomy or mastectomy with reconstruction. And like natural breasts, operated breasts have imperfections; the most common of these is size.

They aren’t always the same size as a remaining natural breast, and it can be difficult for a surgeon to guess exactly how a reconstructed breast will heal. Sometimes scar tissue and swelling cause breasts to be misshapen.

In either of these situations, Amoena Balance products can help. Placed in your bra Balance breast shapers can restore a smooth, even and balanced silhouette.


Even if the surgeon does a perfect job, it may not last forever. If you gain or lose weight, the natural breast will probably shrink or grow. The reconstructed breast will not. With a Balance breast shaper, breasts are symmetrical again, and the bra fits and feels better on the body. 


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Time marches on, of course, and aging alone can cause the breasts to become uneven. As we age, the natural breast becomes more shallow, giving it a draped look lower on the torso.

The reconstructed breast will normally stay exactly where it was the day of the surgery. With Balance shapers, the natural breast can be lifted and fullness can be added, to make breasts even and balanced in the bra.

The beauty of our shapers is that they can be worn in so many different ways, in non-pocketed or mastectomy bras, with swimwear, or in special occasion garments such as wedding gowns or formals. 


We also make Balance Contact - adhesive breast shapers if you prefer to attach them directly to the skin. They can be turned in any direction to accommodate whatever area needs help. 


One woman’s game-changer

Your Options After Reconstruction


Linda B., age 46, had a lumpectomy that left one breast less full than the other. She had already contacted her doctor and put reconstructive surgery on her calendar – until she heard about Amoena Balance at a breast cancer support group.

“I personally wanted my breasts to be more symmetrical,” she explains, but after trying Balance, she cancelled the surgery. Although she says the partial breast form felt heavier than she’d imagined, it gave her the symmetry she was looking for – and she didn’t have to endure a surgical procedure.

The Amoena Store Locator can help you find a Mastectomy Fitter near you, who can advise you about full breast forms and partial shapers and let you try on a variety of sizes and shapes. Whatever your reconstruction decision, we’re here to help restore your shape, and with it, your self-confidence.


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