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The Amoena Solution - For Everything in Breast Care

We are proud to support women throughout their journey – from the moment they are diagnosed, to living life to the fullest once more.

A breast cancer diagnosis changes the life of every woman - in a heartbeat. We’re with you every step of the way - from diagnosis to treatment and a return to normal life. Our mission is to support you as you rebuild your confidence. And we’ve been doing exactly that since 1975, when we invented the world’s first silicone prosthesis. Today, we supply products for every stage of your journey, from recovery care to living life fully once more. 

The Amoena Solution


At Amoena, we know no detail is too small when it comes to helping breast-operated women live confidently. Patents for materials and manufacturing methods are proof of our progress, but we’ll never stop endeavouring to meet every need with the highest quality products. More than 45 years on from developing the first breast form, we’ve now sold 17 million, as well as 30 million pieces of breast care apparel. Today, we are proud to support women throughout their journey – from the moment they are diagnosed, to living life to the fullest once more. We call it The Amoena Solution.  

The Amoena Solution breast cancer journey

Being diagnosed with breast cancer is a life-changing moment in a woman’s life. You may have been presented with a number of different treatment choices. The treatment recommendations of your consultant are usually based on treatment guidelines for breast cancer. They are defined by experts and updated on a regular basis.

In the recovery phase, it’s time to take care of yourself. Don’t try to rush your recovery, there’s no fixed timeline and even the smallest of steps are positive moves forward. Recovery will eventually turn into routine, as you grow accustomed to your new life.   

And, if you are worried that you will no longer be able to wear beautiful lingerie, swimwear and clothing after your surgery, we are here to reassure you that Amoena has a range of products to help you regain your self-confidence and feel beautiful.

For more than 45 years, Amoena has been synonymous with innovation, passion and excellence in the field of breast care. Our high quality recovery care products, breast forms and breast care apparel ensure a visually perfect result with the highest wearing comfort.  

Recovery Care Products

 amoena recovery post op care compression belt CuraSupport Compression, CuraSupport Comfort, CuraScar Garments, CuraScar:
  • Designed to meet women’s needs following breast surgery
  • Supports wound healing and stabilizes the surgical area
  • Supports optimal scar healing


Breast Forms & Shapers

 amoena silicone breast form full and partial , breastand shapers Adapt, Contact, Energy, Natura, Essential Breast Forms & Shapers:
  • Comprehensive range covers all medical needs
  • Handmade in Germany
  • High-quality materials for maximum comfort
  • Natural appearance gives women security and confidence


Breast Care Apparel

 amoena mastectomy bra with pockets after breast surgeryLingerie, Active, Wellness and Swimwear:
  • Innovative materials provide style, fit and comfort for every figure
  • Invisible pockets on both sides for maximum flexibility
  • Attractive lingerie is complemented by our mastectomy swimwear and activewear ranges


At Amoena, we are fully committed when it comes to supporting breast-operated women to live with confidence. We test more, we invest more in R&D, we listen more closely, and we collaborate with the most respected healthcare professionals and opinion leaders. Our commitment means never compromising on details, because every detail supports confidence.

This approach means we know exactly what you need and it's why we now offer products for every step of your breast cancer journey.