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What Is a Mastectomy Swimsuit?

Mastectomy swimwear is made especially for your comfort and ease, so that you can feel fabulous doing the things you love.

A guide to mastectomy swimwear  

Shopping for mastectomy swimwear can be a daunting experience. Your body has changed, and you might be unsure of what you can and cannot wear – this doesn’t mean it can’t be a positive experience. "Normal" swimwear may not offer you the support and comfort you’re hoping for, mastectomy swimwear on the other hand can provide you with both. Any feelings of being self-conscious lessen when you’re wearing swimwear made especially for you. 

Can I swim after a mastectomy?  

Absolutely! Once you’ve got the all-clear from your doctor, you can take part in gentle water activities, in fact swimming is a great way to get back into exercise – begin with a moderate fitness regime and consistently check in with a medical professional. If you’re ready to get into a pool and are looking for trendy post-surgery swimwear, you’ve come to the right place. 

What is a mastectomy swimsuit?

Mastectomy swimsuit with a swim form

Mastectomy swimwear is made especially for your comfort and ease, so that you can feel fabulous doing the things you love. With pocketed cups, a comfortable underbust band and different cup sizes, Amoena mastectomy swimwear is made to make you feel confident. Built for your needs with innovative tailoring, wearing an Amoena swimsuit will have you feeling relaxed, confident and secure in the pool and at the beach. 

Our tankini swim tops are made from high-performance stretch fibre, LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ for lasting fit and shape preservation, and with chlorine resistance and UV Protection 50+, you can’t go wrong. In some instances we use recycled fabrics -  making sure we’re doing our part for the environment. There are so many styles and colours to choose from in our mastectomy swimwear ranges, but most importantly, they come with a supportive inner top construction that keeps your breast and Aquawave breast form(s) comfortably in place.

Post mastectomy swimwear

Comfort and confidence are key when it comes to post-surgery swimwear – it should specifically be designed to hold your breast form(s) securely in place so that you can enjoy water activities, worry free. Amoena pocketed mastectomy swimwear is designed with pockets on both sides to hold your breast form(s) carefully and firmly in place. Our pockets are easy to use with accessibility from both the top and the side – making it easier and quicker. 

Underwired and hard padded swimwear may not provide you with the comfort you require, or pockets for your breast prothesis, so avoid these if you can. You can however enjoy extra comfort and invisible support with the Amoena Wave Seam, which is integrated into all our swimwear. Don’t forget to pay close attention to design and material when shopping for mastectomy swimwear. Our swimwear gives you clever tailoring and modern fabrics, resulting in high quality swimsuits that are fashionable and comfortable to wear.  

Amoena mastectomy swimwear 

We built our swimwear with your comfort in mind. Our specially integrated structures features, like adjustable straps and different swimwear styles means that you can make sure that your swimwear is the most comfortable fit for you. 

The lightly padded cups in our swimwear are built in such a way that they hide any unevenness, with some styles offering even choice when it comes to necklines, leg cut and back fit. Then there is the Amoena Wave Seam, which is a special curved lateral seam on the under band – there to support your Amoena breast forms. 

Our swimsuits have been created with your needs in mind and put together to give you maximum support and confidence. Plus, thanks to their stretchy material they won’t become see-through when wet! 

Now that you know all the important features to look for in your mastectomy swimwear – for maximum comfort and ease, have a browse on our online shop, where you’ll find swimwear in varying colours, designs and  styles – we stock something for everyone, including tankinis & bikinis, one-piece swimsuits and swim dresses. Additionally we also sell and beach bags.


Special design features of Amoena's mastectomy swimwear