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Let's Talk About Uneven Breasts

Find out how an Amoena breast shaper can help restore shape and symmetry after breast surgery

Many women have uneven breasts, particularly after partial surgery or reconstruction. If your breast tissue doesn’t fill your bra cups evenly, clothes may no longer fit correctly and you may find you no longer want to wear close fitting tops.  However, there is a solution.

Amoena Balance breast shapers are the ideal option to correct asymmetry: 

• After breast conserving surgery or lumpectomy
• During expander therapy prior to a breast reconstruction 
• After breast reconstruction, particularly if breast size has changed over time
• That occurs naturally, for example with conditions such as Poland’s syndrome

What is a breast shaper?
A breast shaper is a silicone insert that you wear in your bra to restore breast asymmetry.  

Amoena breast shapers are made of high quality silicone to closely match the look and feel of natural breast tissue.   Comfortable and easy to wear, they slip into the cup of your bra and are designed to hug your body for a snug fit.    Worn next to your skin, they feel just like part of you, and our Comfort+ temperature-equalising technology means you’ll never feel hot or sticky.

How to find the right breast shaper
Breast shapers are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes.  No matter where you experience unevenness, you’ll find a breast shaper that will make up for lost tissue and perfectly fill the cup of your bra.  Use the chart below to find the best solution:


If you have one breast that is slightly smaller than the other:If you have one breast that is significantly smaller than the other:

Choose our OVAL shaper to balance small differences in cup volume. This shaper can be positioned horizontally (as shown) or vertically. Learn more >>>

Choose our DELTA shaper to compensate for missing volume across the entire breast. Available in three thicknesses: thin, medium and volume. Learn more >>>














If you have missing or uneven breast tissue on either the upper part or side of the breast:
Choose our VARIA shaper to compensate for missing tissue at either the top or side of the breast.  Available in four sizes, this versatile shaper can be positioned for many different fitting options.  Learn more >>>













If you have missing tissue on the lower part of the breast:If you are having tissue expander reconstruction or are experiencing weight fluctuations:

Choose our ELIPSE shaper to replace lost tissue at the lower part of the breast.  Available in four sizes for just the right amount of lift to create a balanced silhouette. Learn more >>>

Choose our BALANCE ADAPT AIR shaper. It’s designed with an air chamber inside that makes adjusting the shaper easy, so you get the exact volume you need. Learn more >>>














How can I get a shaper?
If you had breast surgery at an NHS hospital, speak to your breast care nurse as you should be able to obtain a breast shaper free of charge.   If you had your surgery privately, or have natural breast asymmetry, you can purchase a shaper from our website or through one of our carefully selected retailers.  Find your nearest retailer here >>>

Discover our latest Shaper – Balance Adapt Air which adjusts perfectly to your unique silhouette
If you are struggling to find the right fit, or your breast volume tends to fluctuate, our latest shaper Balance Adapt Air could be just what you’re looking for.    It’s designed with an air chamber inside that makes adjusting the shaper easy, so you get the exact volume you need.  Simply use the pump supplied to fine-tune the fit – and you can adjust it up or down whenever you need to.  Find out more here >>> 

Let’s talk about uneven breasts
To mark the launch of our latest shaper, we want to let women who are dealing with this issue know that they are not alone.  We want to raise awareness of just how common breast asymmetry is and help women discover solutions that can help them.   You can join the conversation via social media using the hash tag #unevenbreasts