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Swimwear to Help You Feel Confident and Gorgeous After a Mastectomy

If you wear a full or partial breast form, it’s understandable that you might have questions about how you’ll wear it in the water. Amoena’s intelligent design, coupled with its use of high-quality, innovative and sustainable fabrics, guarantees that you’ll be able to hit the beach or pool with absolute confidence.

What is Amoena’s Wave Seam?

  • Shaped like a gentle ripple, the Amoena Wave Seam is a special internal shelf which gives you secret support where you need it most. 
  • The Wave Seam’s soft curves at each side ensure you’ll feel comfortable and secure, giving you the confidence to dive in, knowing that your breast form will always stay in place. 
  • You’ll find the Wave Seam in all our swimwear and wellness clothing.

 How will my breast form be kept in place?

  • Whether you’re using full breast prostheses, partial shapers or the Amoena swim form, Aqua Wave, our ingenious, specially-designed pockets will hold them securely, making sure that they never slip or fall out.
  • Our clever design means that you can access the pockets from either the top or the side - whichever is easiest for you.
  • Amoena’s swimwear offers padded cup shells helping you achieve an even, shapely silhouette. 

What swimwear can I wear after breast surgery?

Thanks to Amoena, the answer is - anything! We promise that wearing a breast form will never hold you back.

  • Our swimwear collection includes a wide selection of styles and designs for every taste, from tankinis and bikinis, to one-piece swimsuits and swim dresses.
  • Amoena’s designs incorporate a range of different shapes and necklines to make sure that your swimwear choice is as individual as you are.

Intelligent, sustainable materials

Amoena’s swimwear is made using high quality, cutting-edge fabrics which are environmentally-friendly, incredibly durable and provide excellent UV protection. 

You can see our full range of swimwear here.