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Amoena places great importance on quality and environmental sustainability

A fundamental premise of all business decisions at Amoena is quality and environmental sustainability. Acting sustainably not only ensures the continued existence of our company, it is also a fundamental part of our values. Ensuring the quality of our products and processes as well as comprehensive environmental protection are therefore indispensable for us.

Quality management

For more than 45 years, Amoena has been developing and manufacturing innovative products that make a significant contribution to improving women’s quality of life. Quality is crucial for us – in our products as well as in our internal processes. High-quality and safe products as well as effective and efficient processes enable us to meet the requirements of our business partners and satisfy our customers. With the consistent documentation and recording of all processes within the framework of quality management, we ensure that all procedures function smoothly and are continuously improved. Amoena is certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485, a standard that defines the particularly high requirements for quality management systems for manufacturers of medical products.

Environmental management

We are committed to acting in an environmentally compatible and sustainable manner within the scope of our business activities. In order to protect and preserve the environment, Amoena attaches great importance to environmentally compatible production processes and the economical use of natural resources. All employees are encouraged to make an active contribution to environmental protection in the workplace every day. Amoena has established a comprehensive environmental management system that is certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001. The aim of this standard is the continuous improvement of environmental protection.


Amoena is determined to fight against our changing climate, and part of this is a commitment to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2045.

Details of our the Amoena carbon reduction plan, please see here

For our mastectomy bras and swimwear we use sustainable materials such as:

Organic Cotton
• Cotton constitutes around 50% of all textile fibres used for clothing worldwide • Organic cotton production requires up to 91% less water than traditional cotton • Controlled ecological cultivation without the use of chemical or synthetic fertilisers or pesticides
• TENCEL™ is made from wood grown under controlled, sustainable forestry conditions • It is made using an innovative, closed manufacturing process • TENCEL™ fibres are very soft and breathable
• Bamboo is an amazing renewable resource • It is an environmentally friendly material thanks to its lower water consumption, fast regrowth and pesticide-free cultivation
• Vita is a sustainable material made from ECONYL® polyamide thread and Lycra® Xtra LifeTM elastic thread • It offers excellent UV protection up to SPF 50+, it’s breathable and twice as resistant to chlorine, sun creams and oils • Amazingly soft, it offers a two-way stretch for a perfect fit
• Polyester material which provides an excellent UV protection up to SPF 50+ • Amazingly soft, it offers a two-way stretch for a perfect fit • It allows skin to breathe for a more comfortable feel • It is chlorine resistant and offers exceptional durability
• Quick-drying COOLMAX® technology wicks moisture away from the body • This special polyester allows the skin to breathe offering a more comfortable feel • Ensures long-lasting fit and shape retention
Lycra® Xtra Life™
• Elastic fibres ensure a long-lasting fit and shape retention • It is up to 10 times more resistant to the harmful effects of sun lotion, oil, heat and chlorine than unprotected elastane