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Are You Feeling a Little Uneven?

Feel more comfortable in your clothes with a breast shaper that adjusts perfectly to your body.

uneven breast, non- surgical solution for breast asymmetry


Uneven Breasts

Comparing your breasts can be a bit like comparing apples and oranges – we all have one breast that’s a slightly different size and shape to the other.  That’s a fact of the human body. Our left and right sides don’t mirror each other exactly, anywhere on our body. When it comes to breasts, we all have an imbalance, and if your unevenness is more pronounced - because of surgery or naturally - you’re far from being alone.  

Do you, or does someone you know, wear loose tops and avoid low necklines because of cleavage concerns or have a bra that puckers on one side? We know imbalance can impact a person’s confidence, posture and can cause back pain too. So, we have a fantastic, safe and non-surgical solution for uneven breasts.


How To Balance Uneven Breast Size

When life doesn’t give you a perfect pair, we will! We can fit you with the most advanced breast shapers in the world to even out your breasts beautifully and stop you from feeling self-conscious. 

Amoena Balance Shapers are easy to use and shape to your body to balance out any uneven sizing. They’re so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing one. Here are just a few more reasons why breast shapers are a great choice to wear if you feel like you need a little support to rebalance your body.

• They’re made of the highest quality silicone that feels entirely natural. Enjoy the tightest hug - no-one but you will ever know you’re wearing a breast shaper. 
• They can be worn inside your bra, or gently adhered to the breast for your most comfortable fit. 
• They’re curved to match your body shape and have thin, tapered edges so they’re invisible under clothing. 
• Many have temperature-equalising Comfort+ technology — this helps the shaper (and you) maintain a constant temperature.
• Amoena breast shapers can be worn at any age, so if you feel self-conscious about one breast that’s developed faster than the other then this could be what you need.

Find out more about our silicone breast shapers.

In some cases, Amoena shapers are available free of charge via your local hospital - speak to your breast care team for more information.

We also offer a range of lingerie, clothing and swimwear which is perfectly designed to be worn with our range of breast forms and shapers. View the range here.

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