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Loving support in Shanghai

Mrs. Wang was only 25 when she was diagnosed

Forty-six-year-old survivor Mrs. Wang, of Shanghai, had a unilateral mastectomy in 1991. She shared her story with Amoena Life.


At the time of Mrs. Wang's mastectomy, the incidence of breast cancer in women her age (she was 25) in China was extremely low. There was undoubtedly some distress and stigma associated with the disease, which shaped her experience. But as you will read, the support and care of her family carried her though just the same as women in the Western world. 

Mrs. Wang had a Halsted radical mastectomy in 1991, years after the procedure had been mostly phased out in Western medical practice. Concern and fear, before the breast surgery, and the physical pain afterwards, were her most difficult experiences. 

Of course, her surgery, which removed lymph nodes and chest muscles, required major rehab for recovery, which was given by her medical personnel and patient support groups. She mentions, "The advanced rehabilitation knowledge and products surely helped me come back to life and be a woman again." 

Mrs. Wang is a relatively new user of Amoena breast forms and bras since the company has only recently begun expansion into Asia. She wears a lightweight form with Comfort+ and likes it because it is more comfortable than standard weight forms. 

She told Amoena Life that her husband and son have given her loving support all the way through her journey. Today, she's a very optimistic survivor who runs 5 km a day and travels frequently with her husband.