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The Right Post Surgery Compression Bra Can Make All The Difference To Recovery

Compression Bra after breast surgery - mastectomy, lumpectomy, breast reconstruction, breast augmentation

Regardless of the type of procedure, consistent support of surgically altered tissue is a necessary part of post-operative care following surgery on the female breast. A post surgery bra helps to support the healing process after any kind of breast surgery.

Healing the Body, Mind and Spirit


“When a woman has had breast surgery, she needs a ‘user friendly’ bra that is easy to put on and take off when her surgery site is still tender,” explains Amoena’s Global Product Manager for recovery care, Ulrike Rinklin. “As well as allowing for easy access to the surgery site and facilitating wound care, the bra should provide support, improve patient comfort and, at the same time, be aesthetically pleasing. 

In short, it has a key role to play in the healing process and how the patient feels about herself after surgery. Amoena works closely with both surgeons and breast-operated women to ensure that its recovery care garments reflect the latest surgical techniques and knowledge, as well as customer preferences. 

For breast reconstruction and reduction procedures, a gentle, non-constricting dressing prevents the pull of the new breast on the edges of the wound and on vessels that are essential for vascularisation.

For breast augmentation surgery, a good support garment is also necessary for optimum positioning of the implant.


Why Wear Compression Bra After Surgery?


 “The bra needs to be supportive. The correct fitting is essential. This reduces post-op swelling and pain.”  says Paul Harris, Vice President of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS).

Recovery care bras are designed to be worn directly after surgery, to support the healing process.

Then, once healing begins, the bra will minimise pull on the scars that have formed, which will help achieve the best aesthetic result as well as reducing the risk of pain, redness and scar tension. 

Amoena recently worked with a German physician to better understand the efectiveness of its recovery care bras. Dr. Irene Richter-Heine of Frauenklinik Dr. Geisenhofer in Munich fitted the Sarah bra and compression belts on 30 women directly after their surgery. 

“We were delighted with the outcome,” continues Ulrike. “The fact that the bra was well accepted by both clinicians and patients attests to its efficacy.” 

front fastening post surgery bra amoena

The front fastening soft post surgery Sarah bra is a favourite of breast care nurses in the UK. 


“The bras a woman wears in the first days and weeks after her surgery are so important,” says June Denham, breast care clinical nurse specialist at NHS Borders General Hospital in Melrose, Scotland.

Amoena’s are made with soft, cotton-rich fabrics that are really comfortable as well as being cool and breathable. They offer gentle compression and good support for the best possible result. 

For additional care immediately post-surgery, the Sarah style can also be attached to Amoena’s compression belt, which helps keep operated breasts or implants in place.

From the patient’s perspective, feeling feminine right from the start helps speed the recovery process. Women’s feedback is enthusiastic because the sporty, crop-top styling is nothing like a surgical garment. One woman commented that the Sarah bra made her feel ‘pulled together’ from day one: not just because she knew it was supporting her surgery site to ensure the best result for her reconstruction, but also because it looks so good. 

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