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Amoena's Top Fashion Tips for Pocketed Bras and Breast Forms

A collection of fashion and beauty tips we’ve shared over the years

Mastectomy Fashion Tips amoena post surgery clothing and breast forms


We’ve gathered up top 9 mastectomy fashion tips to help you wear your bra and breast form beautifully! Whether you’re new to Amoena or have been with us for a long time, we have advice for you! 


Mastectomy Bra and Breast Form Tips: 


1. It’s all about the band: Following bilateral surgery, women often wear a bra band size that is far too small, thinking that having it very tight will help it stay in place even without breast tissue. But if the band size is too small, the shoulder straps will also be too small, the cups will be in the wrong position on the body, and the bra will “ride up.” Be sure to be fitted by a certified fit specialist! 

2. Cool as a cucumber: One way to keep cooler in warm weather is to choose a bra with a high cotton content. Another option is a bra designed with COOLMAX® ACTIVE fabric, which includes wicking technology. 

3. Show your true colors Spice up any look you choose with a lovely color underneath. Your bra and panty sets can bring a splash of color and confidence into your life. 

4. Create a flexible wardrobe: The most useful pieces in any wardrobe are the ones that can be used multiple ways. The Barbara bra with convertible – or removable – straps is a great example that will work for a variety of different dresses, like halter tops, spaghetti straps, or totally sleeveless. 

5. Fill in with style. A camisole bra means you can get away with a lower neckline because its lace insert makes it look like part of your outfit. Another option: Layering a tank top like Amoena’s Valletta under your cardigan, denim jacket, blouse or dress can give your outfit a whole new attitude.

6. Even in sheers, your bra disappears: The right lingerie will disappear under sheer tops. The trick is either to blend your color by wearing a bra tone that matches your top, or choose nude. And remember, deeper-toned sheers and busy prints help provide camouflage.  

7. Do your straps dig in? Ouch! The best way to avoid this fashion faux pas is by wearing a Contact adhesive breast form, because the weight of the form is distributed more evenly against your chest wall, and not all held up by the shoulder strap. Many women have been skeptical, but tried Contact and realized just how much lighter they feel! 

8. Try the t-shirt test: Women who find that their 2 breasts differ in size or shape after reconstruction might also have problems finding a bra that fits well. Partial breast forms can help you achieve the outline you really want, and the tapered edges of Amoena Balance partial shapers join naturally to the body. Nothing shows. Even in a tight top you will not notice any difference – and no one else will, either (even during a hug)! 

9. Mark your calendar. It’s so important to be measured regularly, to make sure your bra and breast form are still the right size and shape for you. Bodies change constantly as we lose or gain weight, and as we age – but your posture and comfort are a big part of your overall health. Getting measured yearly will ensure your bra and form fit properly – and everything else should fall into place after that