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The Making of a Breast Form

Want a peek behind the scenes? We’re happy to share.

Each time the designers at Amoena present a new breast form solution for you, like the recent launch of the Natura Xtra Light, it comes with the promise that we’ve carefully considered every facet of its performance in your daily life. How it fits, how it feels, the precise amount of silicone required… See for yourself: 

Product development meeting:

Early discussions about our consumers’ needs lay the foundation for a new breast form solution.

making of a breast form

Designing the form:

World-class technology allows our engineers and designers to begin shaping the exact curves and contours you desire. 

making of a breast form

Perfecting the silicone formula:

We test our exclusive silicone formulations for endurance, consistency, shape, color and softness – making sure that all meet our rigorous standard of excellence. 

making of a breast form

Wear-testing and fitting:

We ask breast-operated women to test our products and give us honest feedback – how does it perform while exercising? Relaxing? Working? Then we adjust and revise the fit, if necessary. 

making of a breast form

At every step we have one goal in mind: To help you to feel more confident and comfortable. 

Take a look at our breast form portfolio and find the right form, fit and feel for you.