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Breast Cancer Survivor Stories and Educational Information

Find out more about our growing collection of survivor stories and educational information for every step of the breast cancer journey


Amoena has long served as a resource for women who are coping with a breast cancer diagnosis. Our 45+ years as breast care innovators – and our highly sought-after products – are our foundation. But Amoena exists for much more than just product development. We are here to help women regain their confidence after breast cancer.

One of the best ways to do that is to hear and share stories that affirm their feelings, understand their worries and fuel their hopes. And so, we have created a series of videos capturing the personal stories of breast cancer survivors, and have brought these together in one place – a place where women can find the help and advice they need to feel confident. This place is our new website: “The Day I Was Told”.

This microsite gives women with breast cancer a voice – somewhere to share their stories and learn from one another.

It’s designed to help navigate the way through every stage from initial diagnosis, through treatment, to recovery and beyond, by providing honest, helpful advice from real women. Full of dignity, optimism and determination, these stories are a lifeline. We hope to give women valuable information, new ideas – and of course, plentiful choices for beautifully designed clothing and breakthrough comfort innovations.

Come on in, and take a look. You might just find the advice you’ve been looking for, from women who have been there too.

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