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Ten Things That Inspire

Inspiration is everywhere - from the book on your nightstand to the rustle of the leaves on your morning walk. All we have to do is open our eyes and breathe it in.

1. Taking a risk.

Risk taking can inspire simply in the thrill of the adventure and the realization of how brave you really are. So go ahead, jump out of that air plane - but be sure to wear a parachute!

2. Nature’s bounty.

It isn’t cliché if it’s true - being a participant in nature’s story is our birthright. Taking time to really see and experience earth, sky, sunrise, sunset, a rhythmic beach and its horizon, your own garden plot or a mountain stream, brings you to the very centre of your being.

3. Daily Shower and Morning Coffee.

Whatever it takes to get each day started in the right frame of mind. Practising little daily rituals mindfully inspires us and gets us going on the right track. Be present in these moments.

4. Learning new things.

Always wanted to make a successful soufflé? Work at it. Curious about technology or painting? Take a course. Don’t put off trying something new. Make inspiration happen!

5. Giving it away.

Your mind’s pleasure and reward centers will light up when you put your hands into action. Generosity multiplies, whether it’s in compliments or cash, and encourages you to continue doing great things for others, which is actually a gift to yourself.

6. Travelling alone.

From prep to landing, a travel project can give you direction for a month… or for a lifetime. On your own, it’s an even bigger accomplishment. New cultures, small towns, big cities, meeting people, feeling nervous, soaking up history - what better recipe for a fulfilled heart? Take lots of pictures!

7. Adding/subtracting colour.

In your living space, your fashion sense, or your work area, a small dose of big colour goes a long way. You can charge your mood and your environment, and engender new ideas, just with a colourful object d’art. Or, clear the space - make a blank canvas to open your mind.

8. Storytelling.

Humans respond to stories. Why not tell yours? Stand up in a crowd and share how you got there. Whisper it quietly to a loved one. Write it, blog it, pass it on. And even better, listen to others’ stories for some real inspiration.

9. One great song!

Music is a global gift, meant to be shared and always soul-stirring. It can transport us immediately to times gone-by, or can lift us and propel us forward to new heights. Never stop listening for your next favourite song - explore them all!

10. Life well-lived.

Nothing inspires us to gratitude and peace like the glorious indulgence of time spent living well. Universal pleasures - good food, warm laughter - shared among our circle of loved ones make us pause for a moment and give thanks.