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Water Fitness Made Easier With Amoena Post Surgery Swimwear

Features to look for in post-mastectomy swimwear

 Amoena Mastectomy Swimwear

Gentle water activities are highly recommended after breast surgery. They help with arm and shoulder stiffness, relieve pain and reduce swelling. Exercising in the water usually starts 6 to 8 weeks post-surgery or radiation.

Fitness classes in the pool are nothing new; even your grandmother may have enjoyed water aerobics in the 1950s, when the trend began. But there are many more options today — dive in to see what’s new: 


Popular Water Fitness and Pool Exercises After Breast Surgery



Across Europe, Aqua Zumba has quickly become a popular workout for women and men who want to maintain cardiovascular fitness but take it easy on their knees and ankles. Classes “blend the Zumba philosophy with water resistance, for one pool party you shouldn’t miss,” according to the Zumba website. What is the philosophy? “Exercise in disguise.”

How it works: Zumba’s signature world music sets the rhythm whilst the natural resistance of the water challenges you to “level-up” your workout. Always consult your doctor before beginning any fitness program.



Fitness mats are floating up in aquatic centers lately — they are designed to float on the surface, challenging you to use core strength to stay balanced on top. Much like the principles of stand-up paddleboarding, floating fitness classes offer a full-body workout with a soft landing if you fall off!

How it works: In a typical class, an instructor leads the class through different modalities including yoga, Pilates, and other moves to get your blood pumping.



If your pool or spa is equipped with underwater stationary bikes, you are in for quite a ride. Much like spinning classes, aqua cycling pairs coordinated speeds and routines with the low-impact of water resistance for an excellent workout of both the heart and the muscles.

How it works: While it is obviously challenging to pedal underwater, the buoyancy lessens the impact on your joints; meanwhile, your body temperature is regulated easily with a splash!


Secret Support  - Amoena Wave Seam

Enjoy extra comfort and invisible support of the Amoena Wave Seam, our innovative curved seam on the underbust band. Integrated into all our swimwear and wellness products, you’ll feel confident and secure in and out of the water. 

The Amoena Wave Seam ensures the optimal fit of  both Amoena full breast prostheses, partial shapers including Amoena swim form - Aqua Wave.

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  • Invisible support thanks to the Amoena Wave Seam’s internal construction
  • The special curved lateral seam on the underbust band provides additional support for the full and partial prostheses, preventing them from falling outwards or moving sideways
  • Integrated lightly padded cup shells and optimised support give you an even, shapely silhouette
  • Keeps Amoena full or partial prostheses /Aqua Wave close to the body for a better fit and more security


Trendy Post Surgery Swimwear & Bikini Styles

The Amoena swimwear collection gives you the confidence to show off your figure and be active again, whether on the beach or in the pool. Clever tailoring and modern fabrics result in high quality swimsuits that are both stylish and comfortable to wear. Integrated pockets keep a breast form or shaper in place. The Amoena swimwear collection includes a wide selection of styles and designs for every taste -  tankinis & bikinisone-piece swimsuits and swim dresses.


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