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Post-Surgery Sports Bras

Post Surgery Sports Bras  – front fastening black amoena post op bra

We want to help you get your bounce back so here is a little list, if you should need it, of the key benefits of being active.  We all know we should exercise. Even on the days we really don’t feel like it. Even if it’s only for ten minutes at a time. But life gets in the way and we have to re-commit to fitness every so often.  Even those who exercise faithfully can get sick or injured, and have to ease off for weeks or even months, making starting again in earnest doubly hard. 


Amoena's Top 3 Post Op Sports Bras


Your body will feel extra good if you support it well during your workouts. Wear appropriate shoes and gear: Amoena’s mastectomy sports bras offer Light, Medium or High support so that whether you’re going for high-intensity or casual activity, you’re supported perfectly.

  1. Front-closure ZIPPER Bra
  2. PERFORMANCE Sports Bra with mesh panels 
  3. Breathable POWER Sports Bra

Post Surgery Sports Bras – front fastening amoena black mastectomy bra

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Exercise After Breast Cancer - 3 Benefits Of Being Active


Let’s not forget though, we are not machines! So keep this small, very reasonable list handy; three helpful thoughts to pin to your motivational bulletin board - a quick reference, if you like, when you need to reboot. 


1. Your body will remember how good it feels to have the extra oxygen! 

If you’re mindful of how you feel after a heart-pumping walk, workout or swim, you’ll notice that it’s a GOOD feeling! Yes, it may have “burned” a little when you went up that hill or did the 20th rep. (And do listen to your body if the burn is too much to bear.) But afterwards…. Your body loves this feeling! Remind it. 

2. You will be actively working to reduce your risk of recurrence.

You can’t control or prevent everything, but studies prove that risks are lower across the board for people who are physically active. 


3. Make new friends - you absolutely don’t have to do it alone. 

Since we all need exercise, why not invite someone to join you? Or join a class and make new friends. Exercise does not have to be a solitary drudgery. (Fit it in whenever you can, but… does a co-worker need a 10-minute walk before lunch, too?) 

Whatever you do, please don’t compare yourself to anyone else – enjoy the you time and keep it on your calendar just because it’s fun!