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Partial breast form benefits

Partial breast forms are an effective option for people seeking targeted support and symmetry. Read on to find out more.

Partial breast form benefits

When it comes to post-mastectomy care, finding solutions that restore your confidence and make you feel comfortable is really important. Partial breast forms, also known as breast shapers, are an effective option for people looking for targeted support and symmetry.

Let's take a look at the benefits of partial breast forms, highlighting why they're a great choice.

Understanding partial breast forms

Partial breast forms are silicone prosthetics designed to address partial breast loss resulting from mastectomy or lumpectomy surgeries. Unlike full breast forms, which replace the entire breast, partial breast forms offer targeted coverage, filling in areas of tissue loss to achieve symmetry and enhance body confidence.

Benefits of partial breast forms

Tailored symmetry

Partial breast forms provide tailored solutions for people with partial breast tissue loss. By filling in specific areas, they restore symmetry and promote a balanced silhouette, helping you feel more comfortable and confident.

Customisable comfort

One of the main advantages of partial breast forms is their customisable nature. Available in various shapes, sizes and thicknesses, they can be personalised to meet individual needs and preferences, ensuring a comfortable fit.

Natural look and feel

Made from soft silicone materials with realistic texture and contouring, partial breast forms mimic the natural curvature and movement of the breast. This natural look and feel means you get a seamless blend under clothing, so you don’t need to feel self conscious or uncomfortable.


Partial breast forms seamlessly integrate into a range of bras and swimwear, allowing for versatile wear in everyday activities and special occasions. Whether it's a casual day out, a formal event or something in-between, you can feel confident knowing you have the support you need.

Enhanced body confidence

Perhaps the most significant benefit of partial breast forms is the boost they provide to body confidence. By restoring symmetry and offering a natural appearance, partial breast forms are empowering.

Partial breast forms play a crucial role in the post-mastectomy journey, offering targeted support, comfort, and confidence. With their customisable fit, natural appearance, and versatility in wear, partial breast forms provide a sense of empowerment and reassurance.