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Osteopathy and other alternative healing methods

Why I’ve chosen alternative healing methods to get rid of my everyday pains and issues

Some years ago I was at a point when those small but redundant everyday pains and issues like back pain, headache etc. became too much, and too heavy. From experience, I knew that my regular doctors could not help me, so I searched for alternatives. I was already familiar with homeopathic practitioners and acupuncturists so my search went in this direction. 

Luckily, I found a wonderful woman who practices a combination of all of this and osteopathy. What I appreciate the most about this kind of treatment is that you don’t only look at the problematic part of the body, but at the whole body as a system somehow out of balance. Then you use gentle methods to bring it back into balance. And surprisingly, your body will guide the therapist further to its deeper problems! 

There are many different methods, and therapists usually create their own combinations of them, but here are some that I came across: 

  • Osteopathy: A holistic treatment of the joints, muscles and spine with a positive effect on the nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems. It helps with different aches and pains, including the neck, jaw, feet and arthritis. 
  • Emmett therapy: A very mild method where the therapist just holds two points on your body. It can help if you experience back pain, stomach issues or stress. 
  • Dorn Method: Gentle massage of the spine. It helps with back issues and headaches. 
  • Schüssler salt therapy: These mineral salt tablets help to balance the mineral level in the cells, which, according to the 19th-century physician Wilhelm Schüssler, are harboring the illnesses. They can help you with all kind of illnesses. 

My therapist became my angel, and I’m more than thankful for her treatment, which can’t compare with a doctor’s appointment! We’ve gotten rid of my physical issues and she also helped me mentally through my studies, exams and rough times. The body suffers under stress and fear, but with holistic treatment (including my body, my mind and my soul) I’ve gained a completely new access to my body’s strengths and weaknesses. 

Now, I’m able to listen to my body and its signals, to reflect, and to act more mindfully

Alternative therapy has also changed my point of view about my life. I’ve started to think more about my health and what I personally can do for it. My aim is to find balance in my current life situation — and to actively maintain it. I say, you must not just let life live you — you have to live your life! 

Here are some tips which may inspire you to think about your health and habits:

  • Don’t fight down the symptoms with painkillers; look for the reason, try to understand it and finally solve it. 
  • Do smaller issues bother you from time to time? Why not take care of them now, before they become too big? (You might relate to this comparison: When your hair does not look good anymore, do you go to a hairdresser? Yes! And you feel better!) Why not also invest in health assistance for little things? In many countries, like Germany, at least some insurance plans cover alternative methods. 
  • You can help heal yourself just by pressing the right areas of your own body. Learn about Jin Shin Jyutsu. This ancient Japanese healing method is amazing!
  • Be fair to your body. Had a busy week? Give the body time to relax and recover (Yoga, going for a walk, knitting, or cooking a nice dinner). 
  • Look closely at your habits during stressful times. Do you drink more coffee? Start to smoke? Eat chocolate (I do this…)? Why not change one of these in the future? 
  • Build up a good and stable relationship with your body. Like all relationships, this needs caring, time and listening. But it’s worth it! 
  • This will ground you: Think about 3 things every day for which you are thankful. Start now! Are you smiling? :-) Isn’t it nice and super easy? 

If you like to research, here are some helpful keywords for you: Osteopathy, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Schüssler Salts, homeopathic globules/pills, Emmett therapy, Dorn method.