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How A Style Is Born

Every Amoena color has a story

You know that Amoena's textiles are of the highest quality and workmanship, carefully designed with specific technical features to serve and support our customers well. 

We also think they’re a lot of fun! Fashion is inherently creative and exciting, and the designers at Amoena follow color and style trends now more than ever, to give women a style-savvy choice when it comes to their lingerie and ready-to-wear pocketed clothing. 

how a style is born

This Fall’s collections boast rich color and evoke the moods that fashion and color forecasters predicted at the beginning of the long seasonal cycle. Typically, forecasters look at things like demographics, both urban and suburban, as well as the economy, politics, environment, cultural events and even automobile design trends, to determine specific hues and styles that will speak to fashion consumers in the coming seasons. Inspired by these forecasts for Fall 2014, Amoena's designers presented three evocative mood boards at our international meetings in January of this year.

  • Sentiment – Seen in our Seduction collection for fall, as well as some of our Everyday seasonal bras, Sentiment conveys rich sensuality with deep jet black, inky blues and blazing reds. This is undoubtedly a sophisticated, passionate palette. 
  • Quietude – A retreat from the modern world, submerged in tranquility, Quietude turns inward with softer, tender pale pinks and smoky lilacs and greens. You can see traces of this dreamy, delicate blend in Everyday (Lara Jacquard) as well as Seduction (Colette in off-white and nougat). The darker neutrals (Danielle in dark plum and Lara Lace Desire in Raspberry/Dark berry) lend an overall feeling of calm. 
  • Allegory – Drawing on ancient philosophy and mythology, these colors portray the wilder, darker side of desire, imaginative portals to enlightenment and other-worldly beings. Allegory is strongly represented in Amoena’s Fall Home and Leisure collections. Deep plums against a carbon backdrop are unmistakably beautiful. 


Knowing how a style is "born" may help you accessorize and wear it with just the right touch. Play to your own feelings and moods with color -- you'll be honoring your inner well-being and creativity, as well as expressing an outer fashion sense that others will admire.