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Early Detection For Her Future Dreams - Meet Selena

Real Stories: Read our portrait of this beautifully brave breast cancer survivor

Early Detection For Her Future Dreams--Meet Selena

Early Detection Ensured Her Future Dreams

When Selena Levy was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013, it felt like her whole world had fallen apart. Even though her family had a history of breast cancer, nothing can prepare you for the shock of hearing those devastating words.

“Unfortunately, I have a bad history of breast cancer in my family,” she told Amoena Life. Both my grandmas had breast cancer in their 40s and passed away; my paternal aunt was diagnosed at 42 and then passed away at 52 from pancreatic cancer; my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer the year before me at 64 years old. So I was being screened from the age of 35,” she recalled.

It hasn’t stopped her. After a double mastectomy in 2013, she got right back to her healthy habits, including her career as a women’s body conditioning coach. 

“I did lead a healthy lifestyle before, regular exercise and healthy eating, but I now try to eat less sugar and I avoid dairy. And I have definitely tried to become more mindful about myself. I try not to get too stressed. I have regular acupuncture and homeopathy to help with the effects of Tamoxifen, and to keep my life as calm as possible.” 

It’s a good prescription for anyone who stays as busy as Selena does. With two teenagers, her job, and her volunteer work with Future Dreams, a UK charity that helps women with breast cancer, Selena deserves more than a little pampering.

Her name in lights… or, fabric

Last year, Selena advised Amoena and designer Melissa Odabash from the very beginning of their collaboration on a high-end line of mastectomy swimwear. “This range is so beautifully designed and made,” she says. “I think it is really important for women who have suffered from this cruel disease and have gone through surgery and treatment to feel good about themselves afterwards. Buying swimwear and feeling good is hard for most women. This beautiful range will hopefully make women feel special and give them confidence about themselves whilst on holiday.”

Because of her role with Future Dreams, who will receive a portion of the proceeds from sales of the swimsuits, we named one after her!