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What Clothes to Wear After Mastectomy?

The best post-mastectomy clothing should provide comfort, security, and ease. As well as being functional, it’s crucial that you also feel confident. Recovery is both a mental and physical journey, and your clothing is a part of that process.

What to wear after a mastectomy

Clothes For After Mastectomy 

Soft clothing crafted with breathable material that isn’t going to irritate your skin is what you should be looking for when buying post-mastectomy clothing. Whether it’s a bra or a top, look for features that will support your recovery.

Amoena Post Mastectomy Camisole 

The Valletta Top is our most popular camisole. It comes in a wide selection of colours, features an integrated shelf bra with modal pockets and has adjustable double spaghetti straps. It’s made with ultra-soft Modal material for added comfort and is ideal for anyone who is extra sensitive to conventional bras post-treatment. The supportive inner bustier has soft padded cups and comfortably holds a breast prosthesis or partial prosthesis in place. An added benefit of this is that it hides post-surgery unevenness. Amoena Wave Seam is used to craft the underbust band, which offers extra support to the sides of Amoena full and partial prostheses.  

Amoena Post Mastectomy Tops 

Another great option is our Kitty Seamless Cotton Top. With bilateral pockets to hold a breast form or shaper and a high cotton content (69%), you can’t go wrong. This top has removable, moulded and lightly padded cups, along with wider padded straps & under-bust bands, to relieve the shoulders of any strain. And stretchy material makes it perfectly suitable for volume fluctuations. Not only is this top functional, but it feels and looks great too.  

Post Mastectomy Recovery Clothing

Recovery looks different for everyone. Recovery clothing, however, is something everyone can use to help their healing. By wearing comfortable and supportive clothing, you allow your body to adapt more easily.