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Mastectomy Breast Forms And Breast Shapers – Everything You Need To Know

Breast forms come in a variety of designs and materials, read on to find out more.

Breast forms come in a variety of different designs and materials and are made to provide you with comfort and ease. 

What are breast forms? 

Post mastectomy breast forms are used following breast cancer surgery, to create a natural look and feel. Breast forms rebalance any uneven breast shapes or sizes after surgery, they are less invasive alternatives to breast reconstruction and a great way of feeling like yourself again. Breast forms are worn externally, either inside a pocketed bra or are attached directly to the body and can’t be detected under your clothes, they look and feel natural. 

What are breast forms made of? 

A breast form is usually made of silicone or foam and is designed to resemble the look, feel and movement of a female breast.  Every breast form is built to fulfil different needs, from wanting even-looking breasts to relieving any discomfort due to unbalanced posture. Check out the Amoena portfolio for all our different options. 

How to wear a breast form?

Amoena’s bras with pockets securely hold breast forms and shapers in place, ensuring they don’t slip out or slide around. Or there are self-adhesive breast forms which can be stuck straight to your skin. We recommend wearing your breast form with a pocketed bra for maximum security and comfort.  

How long does a breast form last? 

This usually depends on how well you look after them. They can last somewhere between a year or two, however if your weight changes or if the form is damaged etc. It's best to have it replaced with a new one. Breast forms are made for your comfort so any changes in your body may require you to change your breast forms too. It also depends on the design and material – the more you know about your breast form the better. 

How do I find the right breast form?

To guarantee comfort and ease, it’s important to look out for the following things: shape, size and weight. It’s always good to find out what breast forms and breast shapers will work best for your lifestyle too.  

A fitting clinic is always a great place to start, they can provide professional advice and fit the form to your preferences. Ensuring that you are happy with the entire process and the final result.  Alternatively, you can check out the Amoena breast form sizing chart for more guidance on getting the right fit. 

How soon after mastectomy can you wear a prosthesis? 

Once your scar has healed and your medical team let you know that it’s suitable for you, you can start wearing a breast form. They’ll be able to talk you through the different options and how to use a breast form, as they’ll see people every day who use them. 

If you’re looking for a breast form or shaper to fit your lifestyle and preferences, head over to our products page to view our full range.