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Q&A with one of our #RealModels from the Paris fashion show: Meet Colette

Applause - Meet Paris’ Breast Cancer Survivor Fashion ModelsWearing a pretty nightdress and strappy high heels, Colette W., 64, confidently took to the fashion runway in Paris—how many women her age get to say that? The eldest of the group of #RealModels who were chosen, she was the most young at heart, clapping in time with the audience—and doing her catwalk turns with style and palpable joy. 

We spoke to her about her experience. 

Q: What caught your attention about the Amoena casting? What got you to respond?
A: I found it interesting – to appeal to breast cancer survivors to put themselves in a runway situation where a woman could rediscover her femininity, something society forgets sometimes. 

Q: Were you nervous about being a lingerie model? If so, what worried you?
A: Yes, I really had to ask myself, considering my age! 

Q: What was the atmosphere like during the runway show?
A: The atmosphere was extraordinary. The professionalism of the organizers is undeniable. 

Q: How did you like the style that Amoena asked you to wear? How did it suit you?
A: For a combination of reasons – aesthetic and physical – I was given a nightgown which made me feel comfortable and feminine. It fit my personality perfectly. 

Q. What did you feel as a model in this kind of event?
A: It was a rewarding and moving experience. I was really moved by the applause during our shows, something I did not expect. To learn from this show that people are sensitive to our cause is extremely touching. 

Missed the video? Watch it here!