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Amoena’s Everyday Bras: Can’t live without them

Always appropriate, flawlessly fitting pocketed lingerie

Every day, you rely on a few critical items to carry you through – things you might say you can’t live without. For instance, most of us don’t leave the house without our mobile phones -- or if we do, we feel completely untethered! We thrive on having that perfect handbag, the one that goes with any outfit. And we definitely depend on our tried and true, everyday bras – without their support, who knows how we’d end up! 

Amoena is proud to have been creating reliable bras for women since 1992. That’s when we introduced our line of pocketed lingerie for women, to support our innovations in silicone breast forms. Today, we’re still fashioning high-quality, well-made pocketed bras… we’re just doing it with more, well, fashion in mind!

Stepping out in style
Our Everyday bra collection includes a whole lot of styles. One of our most beloved styles across the globe, the Lara non-wired bra works in basic nude, white and black, and in seasonal collections, a variety of colors and different fabrics. Crafted with every detail in mind down to the stitching, Lara is always comfortable, always supportive.

A little lace
The Karla collection, available in an underwired bra as well as non-wired bra, is another Everyday style with “special day” written all over it. The matching panty is lacy but fits comfortably enough to wear during your normal, busy days. 

For something soft
Our seasonal collection typically includes a soft camisole if you prefer a little coverage all the way to your waist; maybe you’re wearing a wooly sweater or just want to keep warm with an extra layer. The camisole top is fully supportive with an inside, pocketed bra top construction – hooks in the back, and all. You might not wear a cami every day now, but you might want to after trying ours! 

Build your weekday wardrobe 
You’re going to want a lacy bra: Try Rebecca in underwired or non-wired. Its cup is modestly cut but still fits beautifully, and the adjustable straps offer padding at the shoulder for excellent support and comfort. 

Your flawless fit 
One thing is certain: It’s all about the fit that’s right for you. There are a lot of “bra-fitting” news articles and blog posts online. Luckily, Amoena has known the secret all along: Have a professional bra fitting. Make notes about which styles and features work best for you. 

And then, wear your confidence wherever the Everyday takes you.