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Boundless Self Confidence

Meet radiant survivor and Amoena model, Beate

For 16 years, Amoena has helped me to make the irrevocable visible traces of my breast cancer invisible. So much so, that I’m now often able to forget that I’m not quite “complete”. 

Over the years, I can see how the face of the company has changed, how the different breast forms have become more comfortable and practical, and how orthopdeic products have paved the way to very fashionable lingerie, and bikinis.

But for 16 years I’ve not only been a loyal user of all that Amoena offers for women like me, but now and then i’m also the person who presents the viability, attractiveness of a model

The disease and its effects and consequences have been, for me, almost a good thing: I’ve learned to live with boundless self-confidence, even with my “damage.”