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5 Secrets to a Great Fit

How your bra can (and should) do the work for you!

You deserve a great fit with whatever bra you wear. So, what are the top 5 things to look for?

Smooth cups.  To make sure your silhouette looks flawless—no seams, no edges, no lumps or bumps, not even if you’re wearing a breast form or partial shaper— choose a bra with smooth cups, also known as a t-shirt bra.

Elastic Lace. One of our design secrets is using elastic lace, which moves and bends with you, not against you. Lace bras never looked better: No puckering underneath!

Padded Straps. Shoulder straps should never dig in! A personal bra fitting is essential, because when you wear the wrong band size, the straps have to do more work. Even so, a soft, padded strap is a little luxury we can all appreciate!

COOLMAX® fabric. Many of our pocketed bras feature performance fabrics, like COOLMAX®, which wicks away moisture to keep you dry and comfortable. We also use COOLMAX® in our active wear tops and night wear.

Built-in bra. For a real treat, choose clothing with the bra already built in! It’s another little secret you may not know about—Amoena Home and Leisure wear includes a pocketed bra as part of the top! You'll also find built-in bras in our swimwear. Who wouldn’t love that?

Try these bra tips for a fit that feels great. Discover our new collection in stores or online now, to check out these tips for yourself. 

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