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Scar compression therapy with silicone


Silicones reduce water loss in the upper layer of the skin. The natural moisture of the skin is preserved, which prevents the scar area from drying out. The scar becomes softer and less itchy. The air-permeable properties of our silicone patches can also ensure sufficient oxygen exchange and have a positive effect on the scar tissue.
Our CuraScar silicones are ideal for the care of scars resulting from surgical procedures. The risk of excessive scarring in the wound area can be minimised by using silicone patches and compression. Applied early in the treatment phase and after complete wound closure, CuraScar silicones can positively influence scar healing. Our silicone patches are made from 100% medical grade silicone. As they are soft, highly elastic and very adaptable, wearing them is perceived as comfortable and not bothersome

1. Breathable and highly elastic silicone that adapts perfectly to the body‘s contours
2. Completely self-adhesive
3. Reusable up to 12 weeks

Silicone Strips Strips
Long and narrow silicone strips available in both sets of 4 and packs of 1

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Silicone Square Squares
Long, broad silicone strips for complete coverage of larger scar areas

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Silicone Anchor Anchor
Silicone strips for scarring in the breast area (e.g. following a mastopexy)

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Silicone Circle Mamilla Circle
Silicone strips for scarring in the breast area (nipples)

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