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Chemo scarves and hats with no inner seams and natural fabrics like cotton and bamboo are a promise. Be you, in a wide range of exceptionally comfortable colours and patterns.

When it comes to chemo headwear for cancer patients, you only truly appreciate the value of built-in comfort features when you wear one regularly. Long-term comfort is a foundational principle upon which every Amoena product is designed. Our chemo hats and chemo scarves are no exception. The use of only highly breathable fabric prevents heat build-up and skin irritation. The small amount of stretch in the materials we use, ensures a more comfortable and stable fit, while the total absence of inside seams means your headwear remains comfortable, even when worn all day, helping your recovery.

Explore our range of chemo scarves, hats, caps, beanies and turbans and complete the look and wear our swim caps with our padded swimwear and swim breast forms to help you feel confident.
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Bellflower Knit Cap - on-the-go, all cotton cap
Calla Scarf - easy-fitting scarf
Black Denim
Ivy Cap - quilted cap/scarf
Marigold Turban - lightweight turban
Swim Cap - co-ordinate your swmwear
Violetta Scarf - easy-fitting scarf
Primrose Headscarf - easy everyday scarf
Lavender / Multi