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Balancing the body's silhouette

It’s rare that women’s breasts are an evenly matched pair.

Particularly after breast surgery, significant breast imbalance can alter the patient’s posture and make her feel unsure of herself. Breast shapers will perfect the outline whether she has had breast-conserving surgery, wants to even out the shape following reconstruction, or has uneven breast development. 

Made of natural, soft silicone, with temperature-equalizing technology, Comfort+, Amoena’s breast shapers give the patient the perfect fit, prevents sticking and sweating and ensures a natural feeling on the skin. There’s a shape and size for all needs.   

See our range of breast shapers here.

breast shapers fitting guide

Breast Shapers Fitting Guide

How to determine the right size, shape and thickness?

For the perfect fit, it’s important to be able to identify the patients’ unique needs.

We are happy to introduce you and your colleagues to our breast shapers range and fitting guidance.

Read more about how to measure for a breast shaper