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Natura Xtra Light - a Lightweight Breast Form

Making Your Life Lighter

Amoena soft silicone lightweight breast prosthesis  - Natura Xtra Light

We've designed a new solution for when you want a lighter-than-lightweight breast form - say "Hello" to Natura Xtra Light.

Why would I need an extra lightweight breast prosthesis?


One of the challenges some women face after breast surgery is how best to replace the weight of any missing breast tissue, and yet still maintain a proper shoulder alignment and good overall body posture, particularly if they experience lymphedema, osteoporosis or neck and shoulder pain.

The Natura Xtra Light is a lighter than lightweight breast form - in > it's nearly 40% lighter than other silicone forms of a similar size and shape, which means it can help reduce the strain on the shoulders, neck and back.

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How is the Natura Xtra Light different from other breast forms?


Amoena a lightweight breast prosthesis  -  new shapesFit

Natura Xtra Light fits comfortably in the pocket of a post-surgery bra cup and snugly against the chest wall, and is now available in 2 modern shapes - the 2SN and the 1SN (the latter for those with a somewhat shallower breast shape). 

The result - a breast form with a natural body sensation and drape.


Some of the very light breast forms available on the market may not retain their shape once placed inside a pocketed bra cup.

 The Natura Xtra Light breast prosthesis has a unique two-layer design that helps the form stay upright in a bra.


The temperature-equalizing benefits of Comfort+ technology integrated with InTouch soft silicone helps to keep the temperature behind the breast form in the comfort zone -- not too hot, not too cold -- and in turn, helps to reduce perspiration.


For a natural looking breast form that retains its shape, minimizes perspiration and reduces the strain on your shoulders, neck and back, try the Natura Xtra Light breast form.


ultra Lightweight silicone Breast Form from Amoena for lymphedema, osteoporosis or neck and shoulder pain
Natura Xtra Light
Natura Xtra Light

Colours: Ivory Colours: Ivory, Tawny
Cup form: Shallow Cup form: Average