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Best Scar Treatment After Breast Surgery 

Scars can’t be removed but they can be reduced, and the way they look and feel can be improved and made less prominent. Plus, the healing process also betters the appearance of scars over time, and your breast care team can discuss what treatments can be used to further aid the process.  

Post-Surgery Scar Treatment and Recovery 

Everyone has a different scarring and recovery process, and each surgery and situation is unique. How your scars look and heal can depend on several things. Including your age, genetics, skin tone and the condition of your skin post-surgery. Remember, your body will do the most important work to heal you. 

Scar Treatment Healing Tips 

Here are some things for you to try: 

• The Amoena silicone scar patches - may help to heal a scar by shrinking its size, lightening the colour, and making it feel softer. These patches work by moisturising the scar and by acting as a barrier to bacteria. 

• Compression Garments – are a great healing tool, they support the tissue and optimise the healing process. 

• Creams – speak to your medical team about what creams will be suited to your skin and situation, they’ll be able to advise you on the best option. 

• Eat well and stay hydrated, make sure you’re fuelling your body with all the right things, including a lot of rest. 

The best scar treatment after breast surgery is whatever makes you feel most comfortable and confident. There are options and things you can try independently, and then there are medical procedures your medical team might be able to advise you on. Either way, the most important part of your healing is how you feel, so do all the right things to maintain a healthy mind and body.