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Facts about Amoena

Amoena is the world leader in breast care, with a range that spans breast symmetry products, lingerie, swimwear and pocketed clothing

Facts about AmoenaEstablished in 1975, Amoena is the originator of the silicone breast form, with unrivalled expertise in adapting technology to enhance the lives of today’s women. 

Its mission is to improve women’s quality of life after breast surgery and to be a companion throughout their life’s journey. 

Amoena’s founder, Cornelius Rechenberg, set out to develop a breast form as natural as a real breast. The result was a new generation of breast forms – the first ever to use silicone – which have since become a benchmark for all breast symmetry products manufactured today, as well as the breast enhancers that are currently fashionable. 

Today, Amoena continues to push out the boundaries of scientific endeavour for the comfort and wellbeing of women who have had breast surgery.

Amoena’s head office is in Raubling, Germany. With 16 subsidiaries and over 40 distributors we are active in more than 60 countries. Amoena employs around 740 people worldwide and is the recognized market leader in the breast care industry. Amoena’s products are available to purchase from hospitals and clinics, boutiques and retailers. 

In its role as companion, Amoena provides a wide range of support services to women. Its glossy consumer magazine, Amoena Life, is distributed free to women who have had breast surgery and has a regular readership of more than 400,000 in around ten countries. Advice and support is also provided via the Amoena websites and the company’s commitment to, in the form of articles on what other women have experienced, discussion forums, educational articles, expert advice and tips for feeling good. 

A dedication to excellence 

From its inception, Amoena has been dedicated to incorporating the latest technology into its products in order to answer the real-life needs of women who have had breast surgery. The company’s new product development programme recognises that that these needs are ever-changing, as surgery techniques evolve and as women demand more in terms of performance and choice.

Amoena’s world-leading innovation has resulted in a long history of patented materials, products and manufacturing methods. As a multinational company, Amoena has a global innovation network that draws input from over 60 countries worldwide, and its research and development team collaborates with universities and scientists across many disciplines. Amoena’s in-house experts incorporate this knowledge into their constant search for new ways to transfer the latest scientific developments into breast form technology. Because surgery techniques are constantly evolving, it is vital for Amoena to collaborate with doctors, surgeons and nurses to ensure that its products accommodate the latest methods. Another key aspect in new product development is working closely with end-users themselves. Amoena conducts extensive wear tests with customers for comfort, ease of use and suitability to individual surgery types and lifestyles. Women these days expect more from the consumer products they use, and breast forms are no exception. 

Amoena conducts extensive wear tests with customers for comfort, ease of use and suitability to individual surgery types and lifestyles. 

Amoena’s dedication to excellence extends to ensuring that customers receive the same standard of service worldwide. Highly trained fit specialists support the broadest product range in the industry, and their job is to offer faultless back-up to more than half a million customers across the globe. Supporting them are Amoena’s expert trainers, with decades of experience in working with women who have had breast surgery and educating nurses and fit specialists. This system ensures a consistent standard of care for all Amoena customers and helps complete the circle of feedback that ensures that its products always reflect customers’ needs. 

A responsible approach to the environment 

Amoena recognises that with its role as industry leader comes great responsibility. The company has committed itself to acting as a responsible environmental steward in its business by working diligently to reduce its carbon footprint on a global level and encouraging the industry to follow Amoena’s lead.

The company is environmentally certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and has successfully executed several sustainability projects in the past. However, Amoena is now putting an increased focus on turning all parts of the company ‘green.’ From product design to sales and marketing, the goal is to incorporate green practices throughout the entire organisation.