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Bra, breast form and shaper reminder service

Find your feel-good fit
Bra, breast form and shaper reminder service

Making sure your bra, breast form or shaper fits correctly is so important, not just for your comfort but for your confidence too. Because your needs can change due to factors like medication or weight fluctuations, we recommend you regularly check the fit of both your bra and your breast form. As a minimum we suggest checking your bra size at least once every six months and your breast form or shaper every two to three years.

A free replacement every two years

Although your Amoena breast form is made from the highest quality materials and should last you for several years, NHS supply chain guidelines state that you can typically request a replacement breast form every two years* and sometimes earlier if your breast form no longer fits or has been damaged.

Save the date

Sign up to our breast form registry and we’ll send you a reminder either by SMS or email, when it’s time for you to check your fit. The service is free and you can opt out or change your preferences at any time.

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