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Market leader in products for breast-operated women

For over 45 years, we have been passionately pursuing the goal of helping women with breast cancer get their self-confidence back. Since 1975, we have supported women with breast care solutions of the highest quality, with a focus on innovation and design excellence. Our many patents for materials and manufacturing methods are proof of our progress. But this is by no means the end of the story. In the future, we will continue to listen carefully to our customers, and to healthcare professionals and our specialist retailers, and we will continue to develop our product range to match women’s needs. To date, we have sold over 17 million breast forms and 34 million items of breast care clothing. We are proud to accompany women through their breast cancer journey, from diagnosis through recovery and a return to normal life.

Today, around 400 employees worldwide – some 200 of them at our headquarters in Raubling, Bavaria – work with full commitment and passion to achieve this goal. With 15 subsidiaries and a comprehensive network of distributors, we are represented in more than 70 countries.

Our motivation
Our goal is to help women find a solution after breast surgery that restores their silhouette and feels as natural as possible. We want to increase women’s quality of life and support their self-confidence.

Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in women, with 2 million new cases worldwide each year. In the course of their lives, an average of one in eight women will develop breast cancer. Statistically, most are diagnosed between the ages of 50 and 60. Thanks to good diagnostics, advanced treatment options and surgical interventions, the 5-year survival rate is now 90%. However, a breast cancer diagnosis brings much change to a woman’s life.

Worldwide motivation

Our realisation

We strive to support the confidence of women after breast surgery and accompany them on their personal journey. We are there, from diagnosis all the way back to a normal life. Through close relationships, we inspire, empower and support. We work with medical professionals and specialist retailers to ensure they are equipped with innovative solutions and trained in how to use them. We want to ensure that our customers receive the best possible service and a choice of products that are tailored to their precise needs.