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foam breast form – Amoena Leisure mastectomy form 132 Slightly Weighted Foam Prosthesis for sleep

Breast form needs change with your daily activities — Amoena Leisure mastectomy softie brings ultimate comfort when you want it most.  This lightweight foam breast form can be placed into the pocket of  Amoena bras or mastectomy tops to maintain body symmetry during leisure or night time.  


The Amoena Leisure Breast Form is ideal for wear: 

  • During times of leisure when a full silicone breast prosthesis is not needed* 
  • During night as a sleep prosthesis. When you lay on the operated side, your remaining breast falls to the side, which can be uncomfortable and often occurs back pain, especially if you have a generous breast. To make sleep more comfortable insert this mastectomy softie into the pocket of a nightgown or mastectomy top to keep a natural breast in place.

mastectomy softies and top amoena breast prosthesis


Amoena Leisure Breast Form Reviews

You really get what you pay for love this
I love the lightness and comfort, I have just received my new one from amoena, you really get what you pay for with these, this product is amazing it's feels fantastic to wear, it is 2 years since my mastectomy and this is my everyday breast form.
Michelle Oliver

Very pleased
I am very pleased with this breast form. I am a large size and it is realistic but comfortable as described.

Just picked up one of these from my recovery center, it feels soooooooo good. The weight of the previous was so uncomfortable, I had to search and find something lighter. I cannot express how much better this feels to me.

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How to Assemble Foam Breast Form


The washable fabric cover is ultra soft against the skin and can be removed for thorough washing.


Amoena Leisure Form does not replace a silicone breast form, which is specifically designed to balance weight for back health.

It is not suitable for sports activities nor swimming.  Please see Amoena Energy Breast Form and Aqua Wave Swim Form.

Detectors at airports potentially can respond to the filler barium sulfate.