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Amoena Energy - Temperature Equalizing Breast Form

The soft breeze of improved Energy combines air-flow, Comfort+ and InTouch soft silicone.

Amoena has reinvented the Energy breast form. More air flow and better heat absorption help reduce perspiration, and now with InTouch soft silicone, it's even easier to fit into the pocket of a bra. 


Improved Surface 
Amoena Energy’s softer three-dimensional pearl surface, plus the addition of air flow channels, maximizes ventilation to help the skin breathe behind the form.   

30% more Comfort+ 
Comfort+ temperature-equalizing material absorbs, stores and releases heat to maintain a balance between the breast form and your body. Amoena Energy breast forms contain 30% more Comfort+ than other Amoena breast forms of the same shape and weight, keeping you comfortable all day, every day.

The InTouch Experience 
A softer back layer with the addition of our new InTouch soft silicone creates a super-soft, more flexible form that fits easily into the pocket of a bra and feels more natural to the touch. It’s so soft, you may forget you’re wearing a breast form!