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Amoena Bra Benefits

It’s not as easy as sewing pockets into a bra; our bras are made for breast forms

We design our pocketed bras specifically to fit our Amoena breast form shapes.

But we understand: you’ve been wearing bras a long time – why, now that you’re wearing a breast form, do you need these particular bras? 

Can’t you just sew in a pocket to your current favorite bra? 

It’s not quite that simple – let us show you.

Up Front: Bra Cups and Straps


Amoena Bra Benefits

1. You can see here that the shape of our bra cup accommodates the shape of the breast form better. Most non-pocketed bras don’t take the breast form into consideration. The shape of our cup can also help hide scars and surgery sites better than most other bras.

2. We shorten the distance between the two shoulder straps; closer together, they provide better support than, for example, a balconette style bra.

Amoena Bra Benefits

3. Comfortable bra straps support the breast form without putting any strain on the shoulders. Some Amoena styles have wide, padded straps for added comfort.

Center Front and Underband Support


Amoena Bra Benefits

4. The center front of the bra, often overlooked in favor of the laces on the cups, is important. Ours covers the entirety of your breast form, supports better, and can hide scars or radiation burns.

Amoena Bra Benefits

5. Our wide underband increases the support and stability of the bra, ensuring that the breast form stays in place.

Finer Details for Comfort


Amoena Bra Benefits

6. Our shoulder straps are comfortable and adjustable on every bra.

7. Depending on the size of the bra, the number of hook and eyes varies, for a firm connection and the best support in the back – and, we include a soft padded backing that lies comfortably against your skin.

8. Our side seams under the arms are wider, to help cover surgery scars or burns, as well as to support your bra all the way around.


Amoena Bras and Breast Forms - Better Together


Choosing the right bra can make all the difference in how your breast form feels. When you pair 
Amoena breast forms with Amoena pocketed bras, the one who benefits most is you.