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Breast form

Very comfortable to wear, fits nicely into bra pocket. Looks and feels natural.

Amoeba breast form

Really comfortable fit. My first breast form was Amoena - the same as this one - and lasted for 7 years. This is the reason I purchased the same one again. So natural looking.

Everyday comfort

I have lymphoedema and I've had a double mastectomy. This breast form has been my favourite for some time now. Drapes naturally and the lighter weight makes it comfortable to wear all day.

Everyday comfort

Delivered promptly. This breast form is so comfortable especially as I'm a bilateral with lymphoedema. The weight and fit are just perfect. A very happy customer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Natura Light 3S designed to be worn next...


Is the Natura Light 3S designed to be worn next to the skin?


all of our breast forms are designed to be worn next to the skin or

in a pocketed bra if you prefer.

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Hi, how i can order this product ?


Hi, how i can order this product ?


If you are in  the UK you can order online or by phone. If not

you will need to check the retailer locations and order via tem.

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Hi, What is the expected life time for amoena...


Hi, What is the expected life time for amoena natura light 3s size 6


We would normally expect that you will get 3 years of full use from any breast form but this does depend on care.

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Natura Light 3S Breast Form - Ivory

Order Code: 391
  • Natura Light is a 3-layer breast form in a modern 1SN shape, designed to drape like a natural breast, even flattening when a woman lies down
  • An improved silicone formulation, InTouch Light Silicone, creates an ultra-soft breast form with the most natural appearance and feel possible
  • Full cup fitting, high soft transition to upper chest wall where less volume is needed
  • Symmetrical shape - can be worn on either the left or right side
  • Thin layer of standard silicone covers the cups side, reduced weight, Intouch silicone on the inside, Comfort+ technology integrated into the reduced weight silicone, clear gel back
  • Natura Light is 25% lighter than standard silicone breast forms of the same shape and size
  • A 3 layer breast form, with a soft, clear silicone gel back layer that hugs the body and is extra gentle to scar areas


The Amoena Natura range give the most natural look & feel, more than any other. Designed to drape softly, closely resembling the fall of a woman as own breast. Natura provides the perfect outline and moves naturally when you do. Select styles feature a soft, clear silicone gel back layer that hugs the body and is extra gentle to scar areas. Comfort+ material is integrated into the silicone and reduced perspiration by equalizing the temperature behind the form.

Use our breast form fitting guide to see what size/shape of breast form would be best suited for you based on your bra size.




PU-Film, Lightweight Silicone, Silicone, Phase-Change-Material


Following breast surgery you want to be sure that your breast for fits beautifully and looks natural. The Amoena Natura range of breast forms are designed to drape softly, so that they closely resemble the fall of a woman's own breast. With an outline that's as natural as it was before surgery, you'll feel comfortable and confident - and no-one will know you're wearing a breast form.

Key benefits

  • Improved comfort and effortless all-day wear
  • Soft texture - Natura ultra-soft silicone layer
  • Fresh feel, temperature-balancing layer
  • Covered in the new super-soft film for a silky touch
  • Weight reduction on Light & Cosmetic forms helps alleviate shoulder, neck and back strain
  • Natura breast forms are supplied in a soft carry-case for discreet storage.