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A diagnosis of breast cancer is a huge shock, but we are here to accompany you every step of the way and we’re committed to supporting you as you rebuild your confidence. Wherever you are on your breast cancer journey, our products – from recovery care and breast forms to lingerie, swimwear and clothing – are designed to provide the comfort, support and confidence you need.

    This unique breast form is wonderful because it puts you in control. You can adapt it to fit your body perfectly, whenever you want to. It’s soft, lightweight and gives you back your natural silhouette – and with it the confidence to revel in your femininity and enjoy every single day. To Adapt Air

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All Amoena retailers have Amoena certified breast care fitters on location. An Amoena fitters are qualified, caring, expert who undertands your needs. She knows how to support your best healing after surgery, fit you with a breast form or shaper that is perfect for you, and provide you with pocketed apparel for your optimal comfort and confidence. There are Amoena retailers across Canada so you can find a fitter near you.
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Welcome to the Amoena for life blog Here you can find fun and informative blog articles, plus personal stories, for all stages of your breast cancer journey. By choosing your current stage you will find helpful content for where you are right now.
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