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Mission, Vision, Values

We strive to support women's confidence after breast surgery and accompany them with our products on their individual life journey - we are there, from diagnosis to back to a normal life.

Our Philosophy

Amoena specialises in developing unique products that feature the highest quality and innovative designs - women's health and wellbeing are our concern. In addition, we focus on providing real added value to our partners by constantly expanding and improving our business areas and service offerings. We attract passionate and performance-driven partners to grow the Amoena organisation around the world. By investing and developing our core competencies, we aim to strengthen our leadership position and generate sustainable growth to help even more affected women worldwide.

We want to support women's confidence so that they can lead an active life after being diagnosed with breast cancer. This also applies to women who are dissatisfied with the shape or appearance of their breasts for other reasons. We are committed to continually challenging the status quo and seeking better, smarter and more innovative solutions, educational programs and networks that support female self-confidence.
We want to be the number one contact when it comes to finding the optimal breast care solution and supporting women on their journey. We strive to build women's confidence after breast surgery and accompany them on their individual life journey - we are there, from diagnosis to retail. By creating and maintaining strong relations, we aim to inspire, empower and help. We educate and equip our retailers and healthcare professionals with innovative solutions, to ensure our consumers get the best possible service and customised fit. We want to ensure that our female customers receive the best possible service and products that are bespoke to their needs.

Our values

We are there, we listen, we support women with breast cancer on their journey. We align our actions with the requirements and needs of affected women. We want to give them a voice and exchange ideas with each other - so that we can learn from each other and develop optimal products together.
We are passionate about supporting women’s confidence and body image. We are determined to make a significant contribution to women's recovery and lives.
We build relationships on honesty and respect with consumers, partners and our team. We are open and respectful to everyone. We respect uniqueness and individuality, and we address it accordingly.
We drive innovation through a high pace and with an ambitious agenda. We take pride in our work and we celebrate successes in finding better ways to support our customers. Setting the bar high is in our DNA.