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Your partner in breast care

Every woman and every breast cancer diagnosis is unique. To support women through their breast cancer journey, Amoena offers optimally coordinated product solutions in the respective healing phases right from the start of therapy. Amoena products from the areas of Recovery Care, Breast Forms and Breast Care Textiles close the gaps in care and accompany affected women on their way back to a normal life.

  • Just in: our latest Autumn/Winter Collection

    Our new collection features a beautiful range of lingerie, swimwear and clothing in this season's colours and designs. 

    Celebrate who you are with options that range from dreamy to elegant. This season, you’ll find something that will add a special touch to your every moment

    See the new colours and pattens

    This breast form fits perfectly to your body at all times because it adapts to your life - or simply to your shape of the day. It is soft, lightweight and gives you back your natural silhouette - and with it a bit more everyday life, femininity and self-confidence. To Adapt Air

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Across the globe we have 16 subsidiaries but we are active on 70 markets. If you are interested in buying Amoena products you can find your local distributor here.

Welcome to the Amoena4Life Blog

Welcome to the Amoena for life blog Here you can find fun and informative blog articles, plus personal stories, for all stages of your breast cancer journey. By choosing your current stage you will find helpful content for where you are right now.
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