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For Everything in Breast Care

A diagnosis of breast cancer is a huge shock, but we are here to accompany you every step of the way and we’re committed to supporting you as you rebuild your confidence. Wherever you are on your breast cancer journey, our products – from recovery care and breast forms to lingerie, swimwear and clothing – are designed to provide the comfort, support and confidence you need.

  • The Story behind the "O"

    We would like to give greater meaning to the letter O in Amoena.

    Originally a Latin adjective describing grace and beauty,

    It takes on a new, inspiring dimension in connection with breast cancer.

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    This unique breast form puts you in control. You can adjust it to fit your body perfectly. Soft, lightweight, comfortable.  The Adapt Air gives you back your natural  silhouette so you can feel at ease again!

    To Adapt Air
    New CuraLymph products help women get into the flow. Amoena has expanded our breast care portfolio to include solutions for lymphedema, a common side effect after breast cancer surgery and treatment. We've launched our first products for the CuraLymph concept. AVAILABLE NOW

Product segments

The products from the Recovery Care group are specially developed for her needs right after breast surgery. Regardless of the individual challenges of different surgical methods, such as mastectomy, lumpectomy or breast reconstruction, our products offer optimal support for the healing process.
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In the Amoena full and partial breast form portfolio you will find technologically unique products to restore body symmetry after a mastectomy, breast-conserving surgery (lumpectomy), reconstruction, multiple biopsies or for natural breast asymmetry. Our goal is to give women back not only their natural silhouette, but also their self-confidence.
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Our specially-designed textiles meet the unique needs of women after breast surgery. To achieve a visually perfect result, our bras, tops and swimwear are developed specifically to wear with our breast forms (although anyone can wear them). We combine function and style with a perfect fit and the highest quality standards.
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The Amoena Lymph Care Concept supports patients after breast cancer treatment with mild lymphatic disease in the thoracic / chest area. Our care concept combines products from Recovery Care, Breast Care Apparel and Breast Forms and Shapers. These product solutions complement each other well and care for the whole patient.

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All Amoena retailers have Amoena certified breast care fitters on location. Your Amoena fitter knows how to support your best healing after surgery, fit you with a breast form or shaper and pocketed bras and tops for your comfort and confidence. Find an Amoena fitter near you.
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Welcome to the Amoena for life blog. Look for practical tips, clear information, and shared personal stories for every stage of your breast cancer journey -from diagnosis to treatment, recovery and return to active living.
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