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Amoena4Life Digital Magazine 2022

One of our favourite ways to support you is with good information. Read our latest magazine issue.

Breast cancer is a huge challenge, and we want to be there for you every step of the way. Not just with our products, but also with information, tips, and inspiring stories from women who have found their own ways of dealing with the situation. 

For that reason, we bring you Amoena4Life, a digital magazine you can enjoy online and share. 

Editor's Letter


Dear Reader,

For many years, it has been our goal to provide women with the best possible support after breast cancer. Our ambition is to constantly develop new products that meet your needs.

In this issue, our survivor model Barbara tells us about her journey through the disease and the decision against breast reconstruction. She describes her experience with our most innovative breast form, the Adapt Air, with which we have set an even higher standard through the integrated AirChamber Technology. You can read more about this on pages 8 to 10.

To regain your self-confidence, it can help to seek professional support. Some physiotherapists and personal trainers have turned their focus to individual support after breast cancer therapy. With conviction, they take the approach that exercise has positive effects on your wellbeing and makes it easier to return to daily life. You can find out more on pages 14/15 and 18/19.

Since our mission is to be the number one contact when it comes to boosting women’s self-confidence, we work closely with affected women. This is the only way we can specifically address their needs. We are grateful for any form of feedback and would like to share the testimonials with you as well. Take a look at pages 20 and 21, where Ms. Lass and Ms. Reich report on their experiences with Amoena products.

This is just a brief overview of this year’s issue‒with many more exciting topics to come! We hope you will enjoy the various articles and look forward in continuing our support to you on your individual journey.



Yours sincerely,

Sonja Leppelmann
Senior Vice President of PM / Marketing /RnD