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Amoena InTouch Soft Silicone

So soft, so natural: InTouch with her Comfort

For years, we've redefined what it means for a woman to feel comfortable, natural and confident. And we know that you want something more, for yourself and for your loved ones: 

You want to forget you're wearing a breast form. 

Amoena breast form with ultra-soft silicone

Now, with our InTouch ultra-soft silicone -- you can do just that. InTouch is the softest, most durable silicone on the market today. 

amoena intouch soft siliconeWe have added InTouch to our entire breast form portfolio, making our wide range of products the softest you can buy -- and all meeting Amoena's high standard for quality. 

“It wasn’t just about the softness,” says Ulrike Rinklin, Global Product Manager for Breast Forms. “We wanted a lightweight breast form that would bounce back naturally after being touched – and most importantly, we needed to ensure its durability over years of wear.” 

Amoena conducted comprehensive durability testing, putting the forms through vigorous scenarios. Time and again, the soft silicone held up. 

We did wear tests with more than 60 women in Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Spain for 3- and 6-month time periods. (Do you want to know a secret? Many of these women didn't want to give their test forms back, they loved them so much!) 

Combining the InTouch ultra-soft silicone with Amoena's patented Comfort+ technology, which absorbs, stores and releases excess body heat, you may truly forget that your breast form is there. It moves with you, drapes naturally and lets you just be yourself. 

To try this ultra-soft silicone, visit an Amoena retailer near you