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Amoena Balance symmetry shapers restore breast shape and body symmetry. They are worn inside the bra and are curved to match the body shape, filling the cup perfectly. Even though after breast-conserving surgery or reconstruction balanced breasts may not always seem necessary from a medical perspective, this aspect is extremely important for peace of mind and confidence. The Amoena Balance range of symmetry shapers is available in a variety of shapes, sizes and thicknesses so that every woman can feel self-assured in every situation. Thanks to constant extensions and enhancements, the Amoena Balance line is always up-to-date with the latest surgery methods. However, Amoena Balance symmetry shapers are not just for women who have had breast-conserving surgery; they are ideal for any woman who has naturally uneven breasts and who would like a more symmetrical shape.

Key benefits

  • Delta Partial Breast Shaper : Triangular shaped partial providing additional fullness and a smooth shape across the whole breast.
  • Oval Partial Breast Shaper : Oval shaped partial breast form with tappered underarm extension - ideal to wear in a lower-cut bra.
  • Varia Partial Breast Shaper : Versatile elliptical shape with even thickness, can be positioned anywhere on the breast.

Balance Contact Varia 286 Breast Form - Ivory

Order Code: 286 Balance Contact SV
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Order Code: 286 Balance Contact SV
  • Surgery types, sites and the amount of missing tissue vary from one women to another. Amoena Balance Partials come in multiple shapes, sizes and thicknesses - and can be rotated to fill in where it's needed most
  • Symmetrical, varia shape shell for use following lumpectomy or breast reconstruction
  • Attachable; Adheres securely to the body,giving a woman a new sense of freedom and self confidence
  • Comfort+ layer including a lightweight silicone on the back side
  • Extra soft silicone, covered with a thin film to cling gently to the operated breast


For woman following breast saving surgery, radiotherapy, reconstruction or naturally uneven breasts. Partial consisting of two layers: a very soft cup silicone layer in regular weighted silicone and a Comfort+ layer including a lightweight silicone on the back side, a super-soft film on the cup side with finely tapered edges. The Contact partial is an adhesive breast form you can wear directly on your skin, with any bra (no need for a pocket), and features our patented Comfort+ temperature equalizing material, which helps keep you cool behind the form.




PU-Film, Lightweight Silicone, Silicone, Phase-Change-Material

I have had a lumpectomy due to breast cancer, ...


I have had a lumpectomy due to breast cancer, my left breast is now at least a third smaller than my right about a fist size amount, because the cancer was deep in the breast the the overall breast has lost its fullness and this is really noticeable what would be the best shape to go for do you think? Thanks for your help


Hi We are so sorry it is difficult to advise via this medium. If you are in the UK you are welcome to call our Customer Service Team on 0345 434 7334

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