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What is a partial prosthesis for a lumpectomy?

Partial prostheses offer a tailored option to address asymmetry and achieve a balanced silhouette. Read on to find out more.

What is a partial breast form for a lumpectomy?

Navigating life after a lumpectomy means finding ways to restore your confidence and comfort. For many people, partial breast prostheses are a great option to address asymmetry and achieve a balanced silhouette.

A partial prosthesis, also known as a breast shaper, is a specialised silicone insert designed to provide targeted volume and symmetry following a lumpectomy. Unlike full breast forms, which replace the entire breast, partial prostheses are crafted to address specific areas of tissue loss, offering customised shaping and contouring where needed.

Benefits of partial prostheses for lumpectomy

If you’re wondering if a partial prosthesis is right for you after a lumpectomy, here are some of the benefits of partial protheses after this surgery:

  1. Partial prostheses are designed to fill in areas of tissue loss resulting from a lumpectomy, they restore symmetry and achieve a balanced appearance.
  2. Made from soft, lightweight silicone materials, partial prostheses are comfortable to wear and seamlessly integrate with existing bras and clothing.
  3. By addressing asymmetry and providing a natural silhouette, partial prostheses help boost confidence and promote a positive body image.
  4. Partial prostheses come in various shapes and sizes, allowing for personalised fitting and adaptable wear according to individual preferences and lifestyle needs.

Why Choose a Partial Prosthesis for a Lumpectomy?

Partial prostheses offer tailored solutions for people who have undergone lumpectomy surgery, helping to enhance their overall symmetry. Everyone’s body is different, especially following surgery, so it’s important to get the right prosthesis for you.

With realistic texture and contouring, partial prostheses can mimic the appearance and feel of natural breast tissue, ensuring a seamless blend under clothing. You don’t need to worry about them being visible or unnatural – they’ve been designed to work with your body.Partial prostheses seamlessly integrate into your everyday outfits, allowing for unrestricted movement and comfort.

Selecting the right breast form is really important when it comes to rebuilding confidence and reconnecting with your body. Their comfort, lifelike appearance and adaptability make partial breast forms a great choice to rebalance symmetry and boost your confidence after surgery.