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What is a moulded cup bra?

A moulded cup bra is pre-shaped and padded for a comfy, supportive feel, read on to find out everything you need to know.

Your bra should offer both comfort and confidence, especially after surgery. Our moulded cup non-wired Nancy bra is seriously supportive and comfortable. But what exactly is a moulded cup bra and why's it a good choice to wear during your recovery?

Key features of a moulded cup bra

The key features of a moulded cup bra include smooth, seamless cups that create an even and natural breast shape. This means no visible lines or lumps under clothing, making them ideal for wear under fitted tops and dresses.

Many moulded cup bras come with a layer of padding or foam in the cups. This padding not only enhances comfort but also provides additional support. This can be really reassuring after your mastectomy.

Moulded cup bras come in a variety of styles, including t-shirt bras. This means you can wear them wherever you want, whether that’s for everyday or a special occasion.

Why moulded cup bras are ideal for mastectomy patients

Moulded cup bras can be a great choice after mastectomy surgery. You might feel like you want something with more of a natural fit, or something that feels more balanced and shaped.

Here’s why moulded cup bras are ideal for you after a mastectomy:

  • Natural appearance - the pre-shaped cups of moulded bras mimic the contours of a natural breast, helping you feel more comfortable and confident after surgery.
  • Comfort and softness - the padding in moulded cup bras not only provides shaping but also adds an extra layer of softness against the skin. This is especially important for mastectomy patients, as their chest area may be sensitive.
  • Enhanced confidence - the seamless design and flattering shape of moulded cup bras will empower you to embrace your post-mastectomy journey.

What bra types are there for after a mastectomy?

A moulded cup bra provides a blend of comfort, support and easy to wear style, allowing you to feel beautiful and confident at every stage of your post-mastectomy journey. If you’re looking for a great pick, check out one of our favourites, our classic non-wired Nancy bra. Now available in a new seasonal colour, it has pockets, that are ideally sized for Amoena forms – and will support a full or partial breast form.